Wow, this is actually kind of fun!  Setting up my blog has given me an opportunity for self expression.  I liked trying out different themes to find the one that I feel suits me best.  It will be interesting to see the themes that other people pick.  I sat down just to work on this project for a few minutes and have not been able to tear myself away!  As predicted, I am figuring out how to manage my blog and it gets easier every time.



How can I make my dreams come true?

Art Project

This will be the place to post information about my art project.

Blog experience

I have just finished setting up my blog and it wasn’t nearly as complicated as I expected!  I have known a few people who had blogs, but never had the desire to post my own thoughts publicly.  It would have been a great way to record the details of our travels during the year we lived abroad, but in my current life I can’t imagine having anything to write.

I tend to get easily frustrated while learning new computer skills as I am not always the most patient person.  However, once I get the hang of something I will use it regularly.  It will be fun to get comfortable with some new computer techniques.  I love the cool custom characters and have been trying to find one I can use here.  Nothing seems particularly relevant, so I guess I will just put one in for fun∞