Thinking about technology…

I am enjoying the class text and thinking more about what technology has done for all the different people in our world.  Most of the people that I know have lives pretty similar to mine, so I don’t normally think about how technology affects those who have a very different kind of life.  The textbook and related readings have forced me to consider whether or not technology has really been an agent for progress.  I think it has for some people, but certainly many people don’t have access to the technology that I use every day.  Does the newest cell phone technology help refugee mothers in Africa feed their children?

I think that the moral question about whether technology is “good” is difficult to ponder in our current culture.  It seems unpopular to speak in terms of right and wrong these days and people avoid appearing judgmental.  I don’t know how there can be an honest discussion about the benefits of technology without acknowledging that not everything is morally equivalent.  However, I fear that without these types of discussions there will be an “unchecked” addition of technology to our lives and consequences to be dealt with in the future.   I believe that people will continue to invent new forms of technology that have the potential to benefit the entire world, but I think it is important to have some hard discussions about our current social dynamics so that new technology can be distributed fairly.


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