Learning to program my cell phone

I have spent time this week figuring out my cell phone.  First, I looked online to see if there was already a teaching module for what I am trying to do.  I found a couple that show you how to do other things with the RAZR phone, but not one that shows you how to add a photo and personalized ringtone for each caller in your contact list.  I am planning to add my teaching module to one of the instructable sites online so others can use what I have learned.  I figured out how to add a photo for the people in my phone book and had fun trying it out at my childrens’ birthday party.  It was the perfect opportunity to get a bunch of different people’s photos.  Now, I am going to learn how to give my callers a personalized ringtone.  I have to say, I am feeling really pleased with myself!  Not that it has been difficult to figure out how to use my cell phone more fully, but just that I am catching up with the times.  This project has inspired me to see what else my cell phone can do!


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