I have been figuring out what information I need to complete my Financial Analysis report.  My financial situation is made more complicated by the fact that I own a business.  My personal finances are very connected to my business.

I have been researching the cost of used diesel powered cars in the area, as well as hybrid vehicles.  I need to analyze our current vehicle situation and think about which vehicles (home and business) we really need to keep.  I have also researched the Kelley Blue Book value of our current vehicles so that I can determine which, if any, I should sell.  My husband and I had a conversation about what our ultimate goal should be – to eliminate all car payments (which will mean that we can only afford a fairly used car) or if we would be OK still having a small car payment so that we can purchase a newer car.  We didn’t come to a decision, but we are open to exploring all options.  I am going to use Excel to create a spreadsheet showing a few different financial scenarios.


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