Art Exploration

I took a bunch of photos of my kids today with our digital camera.  I really wanted to catch photos of them doing “real life” things, which was a challenge.  I captured quite a few shots that I am happy with and downloaded them onto our computer.  Now I have to check out the different photo editing programs on our computer and see what I can do with the photos.  I want to create an interesting collage with my favorites.

I have been playing around with the We Feel Fine website today and showing it to my family.  It has been interesting to see what people are saying on the weblogs.  We narrowed it down just for Corvallis, which was fun.  My son is learning how to create animation with Java, so he really appreciated the self-organizing particle system.  My favorite was the Mounds page because it was fun to roll the mouse over each mound and jiggle it around!


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