Teaching report

The only tools I used for this project were my red MOTORAZR V3m phone and my computer. I basically just played with the phone until I figured out how to take a photo and add it for my contact. Fortunately, this phone is pretty user-friendly so it wasn’t that hard to figure out. I did have to try a few different options along the way to figure out which one produced the result I was looking for because sometimes the titles used by the phone didn’t automatically make sense to me.

I really wanted to have photos of each screen I was describing in my teaching module, but that proved to be impossible. When I took photos of the phone’s screen, they came out horribly. Either the flash left a glare that made it impossible to see the display or the image was very blurry. I looked online and could only find photos of the entire phone and the keypad. Those photos are nice, but don’t allow people to see each screen as they program the phone. To compensate for the lack of visual aids, I made the directions very simplistic. That may seem annoying to some people, but I wanted to make this lesson easy for anyone to follow, even those who have very little experience using cell phone technology.

I definitely learned a lot about my cell phone during this project. I had no idea it could do so many things! Learning how to take the photos and add them to my contact list really inspired me to try out some other things with my phone. I have given some of the people in my contact list customized ringtones. My level of comfort using my phone has just increased in general. I did create an eHow lesson titled “How to Add a Personalized Photo to Your Contact List on a MOTORAZR Cell Phone.” This was another learning process for me as I navigated the eHow web site and figured out how to add my lesson. It wasn’t hard to do, but having done it once makes me feel much more comfortable with the idea of doing it again. I’m not sure what other lessons I would add, but I will certainly look on a tutorial web site the next time I want to learn how to do something.


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